Who Said Game: 
Take the Challenge of The Ultimate Quote Quiz

Who Said Game is an entertaining quiz challenging your knowledge of memorable quotes.

In this game, discover a quote said by a famous person, and your task is to guess which of the four provided options said it. 

To make it even more fun, we’ve categorized the quotes into five different themes to suit your preferences: inspiration, literature, comedians, scientists, athletes, fantasy, movies, business, philosophy, politicians, and musicians. 

Let’s dive in and test your quote-recognition skills!🎉🤔

How to Play Who Said Quiz:

Step 1. A Game for One or with Mates

Who Said is a brilliant game you can play or enjoy with friends and enthusiasts. So, set the mood for a solo play, or gather your mates to start the fun!

Step 2. Become the Quizmaster

The first player of the round will become the “Quizmaster” and will be the one who chooses the category from the options provided, such as #HISTORY, #COMEDIANS, #ATHLETES, #SCIENTISTS, #LITERATURE, #INSPIRATION, #FANTASY, #MOVIES, #BUSINESS, #PHILOSOPHY, #POLITICIANS, and #MUSICIANS.

Or, if you are up to the challenge, choose the #RANDOM option!

Step 3. Read Out the Quote 

The “Quizmaster” will read out the quote from the selected category and the four options provided to answer to the other players. Read it clearly, and repeat it if necessary.

Step 4. Make the guess

The other players must guess which of the four individuals provided said the quote. And the player or players who guess it correctly win the round!

Step 5. Become the next “Quizmaster”

After the first round, the next player in line will become the “Quizmaster,” and it will ask for the following quote on the same topic or decide on a new one for more fun!


#HISTORY: Travel through time with historical quotes, speeches, and memorable moments that have shaped our world and defined generations.

#INSPIRATION: Get motivated and inspired by quotes that offer wisdom, guidance, and encouragement for personal growth.

#SCIENTISTS: Dive into the world of scientific discoveries as you identify quotes from renowned scientists and thinkers who have advanced our understanding of the universe.

#COMEDIANS: Enjoy a laugh at the quotes from your favorite comedians and find out who said what.

#ATHLETES: empower yourself with the famous sayings from famous sports figures to motivate your life routines.

#FANTASY: Embark on a fantastic journey through unique quotes from the fantasy universe and discover who said them!

#LITERATURE: Immerse yourself in the literary world and discover memorable quotes from all-time books.

#BUSINESS: Become business savvy by discovering the words of respectful people from the professional field.

#PHILOSOPHY: Test your knowledge of the philosophical world and the memorable teachings from well-known thinkers.

#MUSICIANS: Get in the groove for great quotes from your favorite musicians.

#MOVIES: From amazing actors and actresses to the most famous movie directors, the cinematic world offers unique and famous quotes you are waiting to discover.

#POLITICS: Navigate politics with quotes from world leaders, politicians, and historical figures who have shaped government policies and ideologies.

These additional categories provide diverse quotes to challenge and entertain players of the “Who Said Games” quote quiz. 

Enjoy exploring your knowledge of different themes while having a great time!